Even though other social workers usually say to not talk about fees and reduced rates before a first meeting, I think that it is most accessible & transparent, and least anxiety-provoking, for me to give you all the information right away.

Standard rates:

$130 per 60-minute virtual one-on-one counseling session

$200 per 90-minute virtual counseling session (one-on-one or family/relationship counseling)
Note: Family/group counseling only available in 90-minute sessions

**By special arrangement only** $150 per 60-minute in-person one-on-one counseling session

Reduced rates:

Each year, I plan out an amount of money that I can afford to not receive from my work. I then divide that amount up into months, to give myself a ‘subsidy budget’.
Depending on the number of people who need a reduced fee each month, I might be able to provide you a 60-minute session once a month at between $50-$110. If you are in financial need, please let me know during your initial consultation.
Since the availability of reduced-rate appointments is based entirely on how many people are already using them, please be kind to others by letting me know if your financial situation improves after I put you on my reduced-rate list. Thank you!

Bear’s Fund

In honour of my cat Bear, who passed away in July of 2023, I can provide up to 6 free sessions per year specifically focused on coping with the recent loss of a pet. If you are already a client in financial need and this situation becomes your reality, or if you are not currently a client and would like to access this dedicated service due to lack of funds in a difficult time, please book an appointment and describe your situation in the ‘reason for appointment’ text box.
Sessions used this year: 1/6 (updated: March 7, 2024)


Starting at $400 for a 2-hour interactive workshop tailored to your group/organization, over Zoom or your preferred virtual platform.
Unlimited audience (best results between 5-30 participants). Slides available on request after completion of workshop.
At this time, please reach out for a list of potential topics.