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I obtained my Master of Social Work degree in May 2021 as part of Wilfred Laurier University’s very first online-only cohort in its social work program. This turned out to situate me uniquely well when the COVID-19 pandemic hit; most students and social workers struggled to make the sudden leap to virtual learning, teaching and support, but I had been immersed in online environments for years. The pandemic’s long-term effects on society – and the silver linings noticed by many disabled individuals, who now were not automatically excluded from events or services due to challenges with travel – have convinced me to offer almost exclusively online services as a form of accessibility for both you, and myself.

My career at Laurier granted me deeper dives into the nuances of loss, grief, and mourning; Indigenous (largely Haudenosaunee & Anishnaabek) understandings of self, relationships among all beings, and social workers’ opportunities to redeem the profession after its contributions to cultural genocide; relationships among culture, ethics, and how to avoid complacency; and much more.

I also had incredible twin opportunities as an intern. The first took place at the MCCHR (Manulife Centre for Community Health Research) at Laurier itself, under the guidance of Dr. Ginette Lafreniere; the second allowed me to step up my participation in the Gender-Variant Working Group, a small grassroots trans/non-binary activist group supported at arm’s length by ACCKWA (the AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo & Area) at which I had already volunteered since 2016.

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I cannot leave out the vast learnings I gratefully received during my six years as a Direct Support Person at Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region (2017-2022). The adults and children who welcomed me into their lives – often with breath-taking trust in my honesty and abilities – have taught me more about how to provide one-to-one help that actually lifts people up than any other single source.

Current Projects

I am in the midst of co-designing and co-facilitating the first “Do One Thing” habit-building virtual peer support group, currently running six weeks from Nov-Dec 2022. “Do One Thing” itself is an initiative of Adults Hacking ADHD!, an online peer support group for individuals 18 and up. Each weekday we gather as a group to support each others’ journey towards intentional living – a challenging proposition for many with ADHD – through discussion, psychoeducational resources, and mutual brainstorming sessions.

I also remain at Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region as part of the organization’s training team on abuse awareness & prevention for developmentally/intellectually disabled individuals and their families. On request, we provide an approximately 3-hour workshop focused on teaching the foundations of consent, boundaries, healthy relationships, and self-awareness vitally necessary for the safety of – truly, everyone – but especially individuals made vulnerable by their need for intensive supports and compassion from many others in their lives. This position also grants me the wonderful opportunity to periodically review and update the workshop’s curriculum.