I’m so glad we’ve found each other here! My name is Tristan (pronouns they/them), and I hope you feel at home here.
Night Owl Counseling is a one-queer operation, just getting underway – the website is still under construction but the services are ready to go. Check out my Contact page for more info, or jump straight to Bookings to schedule a free online call (opens in a new tab). Let’s get talking!

As an independent registered social worker, I offer virtual counseling and other supports for adults and youth aged 12+. As a white, neurodivergent, trans, genderqueer pagan with a delayed sleep cycle, I’ve created Night Owl Counseling to be the mutually accessible, anti-oppressive, culturally humble, difference-affirming space I wish I could find to work for – and that I always wished I could access for my own needs.

If you’re looking for mental health support, life skills coaching, help with accessing other systems, or a plan for your ideal future… you’re in the right place.

Current Full Launch Date: Launched!
Like everything else in life, the website is beautifully imperfect and constantly being improved in ways big and small. Check back monthly for updates and brand new features!